Winning with Digital & Analytics

Our Digital Marketing solutions are focused on personalisation. We help brands to be agile and develop deeper customer relationships to scale and achieve sustainable digital eminence.

Demonstrate persistent digital Efficiency

VIDEE Infotech offers end to end digital marketing services and has dedicated teams with specialised skill sets in creative, design, Lead generation, and other core digital marketing verticals. Our digital engagement process starts with an extensive analysis of the company digital collaterals and publishes digital scorecard. We score the brand on three fundamental aspects of digital, its current state of Digital Infrastructure, Strength of Organic Identity and capability to harness the data. We believe digital is paramount for a company's customer engagement strategy and drive digital efficiency and effectiveness. Hence we deploy a balanced approach for the brand which helps to build a sustainable digital identity with SEO and drive precision marketing through paid advertising channels to convert them into real customers which eventually reduce costs and build lasting capabilities.

Personalisation and Precision marketing

Technology is shaping the way we interact and rapidly turning traditional marketing methods to be virtually obsolete. User digital footprint consists of bits and pieces of data about his interests, likes, dislikes. We help companies to be faster than ever to capitalise this information and create a market opportunity to fuel growth.

We deeply integrate our digital marketing services with the company process flow to optimise spend and personalise offers and recommendations for customers to form better relationships and boost sales and engagement. We help companies to make data-driven decisions by focusing on multiple parameters like conversion optimisation, Next product to buy analytics, Customer Analytics and Segmentation, Experimental testing and results-driven innovation and Analytics driven ecosystem.